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Holy Spirit Prep 中学

在圣灵预备学校aratory School, we understand that 中学 is a time of tremendous growth and change for students – intellectually, 在情感上, 身体上的, 社会, 和精神上. Our goal is to make these years as formative, 有趣的, and enriching as possible by providing students with a supportive and caring school environment. Our 中学 is tailored to support students during this unique time.


Our classical Catholic approach to education teaches students how to think about the world through the lens of salvation history. In each of our core curriculum classes, we strive to develop students’ critical thinking skills – whether they’re studying Math, 科学, 英语, 历史, 拉丁, 或神学.

We cultivate a sense of discovery, 好奇心, and wonder about the natural world in our 中学 Math and Natural 科学 courses. Each class is taught in the context of history and the Catholic 信仰, as we help our students comprehend truth and the harmony between 信仰 and reason. We offer an advanced Math track and STEAM objectives incorporated throughout the 科学 and Math curriculum. View the 中学 课程 Guide for more details about individual grade-level curricula.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

Welcome to the 中学


St. 裘德
Veni vidi vici
“I came, I saw, I conquered”
St. 托马斯·阿奎那
10月. 8 - 11月. 1, 451
Veritas, Virtus, Triumphus
“Truth, Virtue, Triumph”
St. 彼得
325 AD
Sapientia vitamin Dat
St. 安东尼
1545 - 1563


A crucible for leadership. A family of students.

在圣灵预备学校, our students participate in the rich tradition of our 房屋系统 starting in the 6th grade, when they will be placed in one of four houses that they will call their own for the rest of their lives. Serving as a platform for competition and collaboration throughout the school year, HSP’s 房屋系统 makes a lasting impact on students’ lives. We often see visiting alumni return to campus just to check in on their houses!

Students in the 房屋系统 participate in:

  • 服务项目
  • 筹款活动
  • School events such as socials and House Days
  • School athletic and non-athletic contests
  • 同伴指导
  • 房子罗马教皇的职位


Our children are truly flourishing in the environment! We are pleased with the quality of education, the friends they have made, 老师们, the helpfulness and kindness of everyone on the team, and the wonderful priests on the campuses. 去美洲狮!

Parent of 较低的学校, 中学, and 高中 students

Before and 课后照顾

Our Before and 课后照顾 program provides a place for 较低的学校 and 中学 students to be cared for when their 父母 need childcare outside of the normal school day. The program is staffed by members of the school’s faculty and provides study time, supervised recess and activities, 还有下午点心.



  • 7:20到7:40

Registration is required for 中学 Early Morning Care.


  • Cougar Hour: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Extended School Program: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Cougar Hour includes the following opportunities:

  • Tutorials: Tutorials are available to students by appointment with faculty members.
  • Clubs: Clubs are provided by faculty members or outside vendors, for an additional fee set by the vendor.
    • Boys’ Club – provided by ECYD Missionaries and Fr. 安德鲁
    • Gymnastics – provided by Airborn Gym ATL
    • i信仰 – provided by ECYD
    • Robotics Club – provided by Stemtree
    • Spanish Club – provided by Brilliant Bilingual
    • Sport participation – provided by Atlanta Playball
    • STEM Club – provided by Stemtree

Learn more about clubs at Holy Spirit Prep.

Registration is required for the 中学 Extended School Program.

John Carroll Resource Center

Our John Carroll Resource Center (JCRC) provides support to students in grades K-8 with different learning profiles, helping maximize each student’s unique learning potential. JCRC的工作人员, 课堂上老师, 父母, and students work together to help students achieve academic independence in both group and one-on-one settings.

Program eligibility requires a current psychoeducational evaluation, as well as supplemental tuition cost.

  • Grades 2 through 8: Enrolled students receive instruction on enhancing study habits and improving organizational strategies, participating in small group tutoring sessions with their resource teacher to focus on areas where individual students require additional help.
  • Grades 2 through 5 only: In the resource program, students receive daily language arts instruction in the JCRC, where resource teachers provide them with small group instruction using a multi-sensory format.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School


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